• Lycopene in Tomatoes

    Lycopene is being called the “world’s most powerful antioxidant,” which can help prevent the development of many forms of cancer, the effect varying with sex and type of cancer.The best known source of lycopene is in cooked tomatoes or tomato products since lycopene is released from the tomato on cooking. Raw tomatoes have about one-fifth the lycopene “available” content as that found in cooked tomato products.However, tomato, whether raw or cooked, is still the best source for this antioxidant.
  • Facts about TSWV on tomato plants

    Thrips are known to be the vector of TSWV. Symptoms on infected plants include:Development of small, dark, circular spots on the leaves.Presence of dark, shiny streaks along the stem and petioles.Development of white concentric rings on the fruit.
  • Tomato Blotchy Ripening

    Blotchy ripening is a physiological disorder that affects tomatoes, and can be associated with:Boron and potassium deficiencies.Excess nitrogen in the soil.Overly cool, wet and cloudy weather.Extreme heat.Dense foliage and compacted soil.Cultivars vary in susceptibility to this disorder.
  • Major cultural practices that reduces Downy mildew incidence on Cucurbits

    Cultural practices that reduce downy mildew incidence and severity include:reducing canopy, through increasing plant spacing.minimizing the leaf wetness periods, through avoiding overhead irrigation.reducing relative humidity inside greenhouses, through proper aeration.


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85 días a la maduración alta resistencia a enfermedades, paredes gruesas y 4 lóbulos internos, frutos de 180-220 Gr

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Resistente a : V, FFF, N, TMV, TSWV, TYLCV
RIM F1 Resistente a : V, FF, N, T, TYLCV Planta con exelente Vigor Vegetativo, muy buen follaje de color verde oscuro, Tricomas muy visibles, Las plantas toman un brillo dorado por las tardes gracias a su lycopeno.

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Variedad sobresaliente en cuanto a productividad y resistencia. Excelente para cultivarla todo el año. Gracias a su rusticidad, y al ser una variedad Indeterminada, dará rendimientos constantes.

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Variedad que sobresale por su brillo e intenso color rojo, muy dulce. largos racimos como cascadas interminables de pequeños tomates ovalados. Fuente importante de potasio y magnesio; vitaminas B1, B2, B5 y C.

Contactar para el precio: +593 02 208 206

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